'Brexit' Print by SueX

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'Brexit' Fine Art & Award Winning Print by SueX

"I have lifelong experience as an artist, producing hundreds of drawings and paintings of cats that I eventually found and developed this rare style knows as ‘Spider Cats’. I draw upon my understanding of their anatomy which translates into their geometric shapes, transitioning into black, staccato lines to set the stage for the entire cats body. Practicing this ritual time and time again allows me to create visually and intellectually intriguing art.

For ‘Brexit’, the Spider Cat is in a state of visual tension that expresses connections and disconnections to the current and historical events. I will not indulge further on what I believe the painting means. Rather, I prefer the spectator to go on his/her own journey. There are two examples of interpretations here" -

INTERPRETATION 1 - This is a classic SueX 'Spider Cat' style and one interpretation of the painting is that the UK is losing it's identity after the 2016 referendum when the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). The flag that slips away from the cat leaves nothing behind but a skeleton, an empty shell of what it once was. The road crumbles and the spider cat has only one path to take, it cannot return or undo its future.

INTERPRETATION 2 - A different perspective is that the UK remains strong, it is the EU that is the skeleton left behind. The UK flag is slowly but steadily draining out of the spider cat, taking its resources and strength with it and leaving nothing but a broken skeleton behind. The spider cat must continue down the one-way path but the block tiles, other European countries, also start to break away until the foundations completely disintergrate. The painting therefore represents the beginning of the end of the EU.

    A Giclée Print reproduced on Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper 350gsm. Fully mounted or unmounted options. When mounted, your giclée print is mounted in a bevel cut window mount so it's ready to display. Giclée printing sprays the ink in small drops, matching colours and inks precisely and creating high-quality prints of original artworks.

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