Griffon Vultures High Quality Giclée Art Print

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"Griffon Vultures" High Quality Giclée Art Print

These large birds of prey often find their prey by soaring over vast, open areas and moving in flocks. After travelling through the Pyrenees and seeing hundreds of these huge birds, I was inspired. They look so fabulous from underneath with their magnificent two and a half meter wingspan silhoutte on a big blue sky background, completed with lovely little legs that just dangle!

A Giclée Print reproduced on Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper 350gsm. Fully mounted or unmounted options. When mounted, your giclée print is mounted in a bevel cut window mount so it's ready to display. Giclée printing sprays the ink in small drops, matching colours and inks precisely and creating high-quality prints of original artworks.

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