'Compassion I' Limited Edition Print by SueX

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'Compassion I' Limited Edition Print by SueX

  • Limited Edition of 395 Copies.
  • Available Exclusively on Solo Art Online.
  • All limited edition prints are accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Inspired by Korean folk tales and their illustrations, this painting is about a Tiger who is giving back the Baby Bunnies to the Mother Rabbit. She’d eaten the Baby Bunnies so the Mother Rabbit has lit a pipe and is trying to placate the Tiger, ‘If I give you this pipe then you can give my Babies back’. The painting is about compassion and giving back – the Rabbit can’t physically fight the Tiger so the Rabbit is clever and has tricked the Tiger (in Western culture, this can be compared to the crafty Tortoise to the Hare).

A Limited Edition Giclée Print reproduced on Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper 350gsm. Fully mounted or unmounted options. When mounted, your giclée print is mounted in a bevel cut window mount so it's ready to display. Giclée printing sprays the ink in small drops, matching colours and inks precisely and creating high-quality prints of original artworks.

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