Momma Pig High Quality Giclée Art Print

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"Momma Pig" High Quality Giclée Art Print

A series of Spanish Black Pigs. Here is a series with vibrant and bold colours to highlight the true value and beauty of this particular animal. The work was created solely by applying small dabs of paint with fingers, no brushes or tools were needed. By using this method, I could pick up the preferred natural highlights of the animal and create a connection to the painting; almost as though I could reach out and feel their rough skin and wrinkles. The wild colours and bold contrasts were chosen rather than their true black colours to reflect the feisty yet charming characters of the pigs, easily recognisable by their curious nostrils and big, floppy ears.

A Giclée Print reproduced on Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper 350gsm. Fully mounted or unmounted options. When mounted, your giclée print is mounted in a bevel cut window mount so it's ready to display. Giclée printing sprays the ink in small drops, matching colours and inks precisely and creating high-quality prints of original artworks.

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